At Marzal Promociones we have been carrying out renovations services for individuals and business in Moraira and the Marina Alta since 1975. Here we show you several renovation works, with the initial state and the final result once renovated.


At Marzal Promociones en Moraira we carry out the reforms tailored to your Home or Office. Our work is backed by more than 45 years of experience in the sector.

Since we started our journey in construction in 1945, the renovation services for business and individuals in the Marina Alta have occupied an important part of our work. Our central offices are located in Moraira, from there, we assume with solvency and great versatility the reforms of all kinds of spaces, whether they are office renovations or home renovations.

Our clients always have a close, direct and transparent relationship. In this way, those who have already contracted a reform with our company have been participants in this relationship.

Our team of renovation services for individuals and business in Moraira is qualified and prepared to undertake any size of renovation that may arise.

Why do a reform?

A reform can help you revalue your home or business. Sometimes fixing walls and floors, changing the layout and a coat of paint can lead to a better deal on your home. To give you an idea up to 20% more.

The convenience of having a better distribution or a change in storage spaces is usually very advantageous and helps to better organize the house.

A home or business reform may be conditioned by changes such as the arrival of a child or the need to expand the business.

Time passes and we do not realize it. The constructions that were made in the past, are out of fashion and need an update to continue with a natural evolution.

If the properties in which we live are old, it is advisable to carry out a reform to rehabilitate and maintain the rooms in a safe way. Also updating the elements of a living will achieve greater energy efficiency in our home or business.

Renovation services in Moraira: Homes and Businesses

The comprehensive reforms that we undertake in our area of ​​activity (Marina Alta), we approach them with a comprehensive approach.

Home renovations for any type of stay

Reforms its a god option to change your home or your business, in this way we update the spaces without having to make a big investment.

reformas en moraira

As you can see, we have solutions for all types of spaces and jobs. As you can see, we have solutions for all types of spaces and jobs. So if you are looking for a company of renovation services for individuals and business in Moraira and Marina Alta, do not hesitate to contact one of our experts.