How importart is the insolation of your new home.

Making a good thermal insulation when builds a home in the Costa Blanca area is one of the reasons to take into account when making a sustainable construction. A high thermal resistance helps to minimize energy losses and make our home more efficient. An important part of energy consumption is for the use of conditioning systems such as air conditioning or heating.

Thermal insulation is a key element to be able to save energy in your new home. Installing a good system will save on the electricity bill. According to IDAE (Institute for Diversification and Saving of Energy), a good insulation can help us to save energy between 35% and 70% in our house.

Apart from a good insulation on walls and roofs, we must don’t forget the exterior carpentry of the house. A good aluminum or pvc carpentry and double glass, will give us that extra contribution of well-being and warmth in our house and guaranteeing the minimum loss of energy.

Marzal Promociones has long experience in projects around Moraira, and all Costa Blanca. Using a correct thermal insulation you can enjoy your new home with all the comforts in a pleasant climate during winter and summer. The main materials which we normally work in our geographical area are:

Fiber Glass

Extruded polystyrene foam

In renovations of old houses, the most appropriate is to use the exterior insulation system (SATE), which will give the house adequate thermal protection without having to break walls for a cladding thermal insulation or inject cellulose fiber or polyurethane foam in them, without knowing if the entire interior of the partition has been covered evenly.


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