Comprar casa en Moraira

Why is it a good idea to buy a house in Moraira in times of pandemic?

Forecasts indicate that the price of properties in Spain will fall between 5% and 8% due to the pandemic. A fact that opens a range of opportunities for those people who wish to invest in the real estate market. Given the circumstances, it seems that now is the best time tobuy a house in Moraira. Why we recommend you to choose this important international tourist center located on the Alicante coast? We tell You!!

Why buy a house in Moraira right now?

First of all, because we are convinced that it is a safe bet. The coastal town of Teulada continues to be the golden mile of the Valencian Community, since during the last quarters it has remained the municipality with the highest prices in real estate transactions, both new and second-hand.

Despite the fact that the national economy suffers, this Levantine nucleus resists and, despite the fact that there were falls in the months of February, March, June and July, in no case did they reach 3%. Furthermore, between August and October there has been a positive quarterly variation of 3.3%. From September to October the drop was practically imperceptible (0.1%), although everything seems to indicate that the trend will continue to be slightly downward this winter.

What conclusions do we take from this data? Mainly, that the stoppage of economic activity, a consequence of the government’s restrictive measures to stop the spread of the virus, will be reflected in a temporary cheapen propertiesin this small town of the Costa Blanca. However, fluctuations will not cause real estate investments to depreciate in the medium or long term

What attractions does this international tourist center located in Teulada offer you?

Moraira will continue to be a privileged location for tourism as soon as the situation returns to normal. So now you have the possibility to find a bargain if you consider acquiring a villa or apartment in this area. Keep in mind that it is a place, that not in a loong time, could be revalued considerably and, in addition, vacation rental is a business that works very well in the area.

Buy a house in Moraira will not only be a good move for you in economic terms This enclave of the Mediterranean is idyllic to establish your second residence. If you have the opportunity, in the event of a new confinement – and if the law allows displacements – it will be anunbeatable place to pass the confinement and breathe pure air by the sea.

In Moraira you have seven spectacular beachesspread over its eight kilometers of coastline, an excellent atmosphere and multiple leisure options. Although it has grown enormously in recent years, it has managed to preserve its privileged natural environment.

A population in which a multicultural atmosphere is breathed, since of 14,000 people registered in Teulada (1,600 n Moraira), approximately 60% are foreigners. The rich architectural heritage of the old town, the appreciatedMediterranean cuisineand all the possibilities for practicing outdoor activities are other reasons why you should opt for this corner of Alicante.

It is ideal for long stays with the family, a place where children will enjoy unforgettable moments that will mark their childhood. Moraira and, by extension, Teulada, also stand out for the friendly and welcoming character of their people. Is there a better feeling than feels like at home if you are away from your country? In this place they will welcome you with open arms.

In conclusion, buy a house in Moraira offers you numerous benefits. After having highlighted them one by one, we hope we have convinced you that it is worth investing in this small town in the Levant and starting to collect wonderful experiences.


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